IPL 2018: 3 reasons why this year’s tournament will be different

The 11 edition of the Indian Premier League begins both with a grand opening ceremony, and the first match between defending Mumbai Indians and former champions Chennai Super Kings. This year’s tournament will be slightly different compared to previous years. Here are 3 reasons why:

Soccer-like mid-season transfers: In a move similar to League football, IPL will also have mid-season transfers starting from this year. The window is supposedly going to be open from match 28 to 42 for 5 days. However, the window will only include those players who haven’t played more than two of the first seven games. The move could help the franchises get back some money spent during auctions.

Yes to DRS: BCCI has agreed to use DRS in the IPL 11. DRS will have HawkEye, UltraEdge technology. Teams will get one review per innings. The third umpire will access ball-tracking as well as UltraEdge.

Time Out signal change: Since DRS has a similar signal to time out, the latter signal has been changed. The umpires will now declare time out by pointing to their wrist watch area with raised hands.


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