IPL 2018! Gautam Gambhir steps down as Delhi Daredevils captain: 5 BIG developments

Gautam Gambhir shocked everyone by announcing today that he is stepping down as Delhi Daredevils captain in IPL 2018. As in previous years, Delhi Daredevils have been very poor this year as well, having lost five of six matches. He has struggled with the bat as well, managing only 85 runs, in spite of a half-century in the first game. Shreyas Iyer will replace Gambhir as captain for remaining part of IPL 2018. Here are some significant developments that have taken place in relation with Gambhir’s stepping down.

Gambhir to play for free? According to a PTI report, Gautam Gambhir has decided to forego his entire Rs 2.8 crore salary, taking responsibility for the team’s poor run. “Gautam has decided that he won’t take any salary from the franchise for the season. He will play remaining part of IPL for the Delhi Daredevils for free,” a source told PTI on condition of anonymity.

“Gautam is someone who puts pride above everything else. He has been a proud performer. He doesn’t want to take any money and it’s a very personal call. In fact, he wanted to quit just after the KXIP game,” the source added.

IPL Future? While he is still available as player for the rest of the season, speaking about his future with the IPL, Gambhir stated, “I don’t know, it’s too early for me to decide on that. Let me sit down and decide. I have to think where my game goes and I go as an individual.”

Whose decision was it? Gambhir said the call to step down was his. “Absolutely my decision. I thought that I haven’t contributed enough, and at the same time the performance of the team. I had to take responsibility being the leader of this ship, and I owe that responsibility. I feel that it was the right time because we are very much in this competition. So, absolutely my decision, no pressure from the franchise. They’ve been absolutely supportive about it,” Gambhir explained about the sudden decision.


What the new captain said: Shreyas Iyer, who has been appointed as new skipper, said about the development, “Well I’m really loving the responsibility they’ve put up on me, also the faith they showed upon me. I love facing challenges as I’ve said in my previous interviews as well. It’s a great opportunity for me to prove myself and also to get the team to the highest level possible.”

Coach Ponting Speaks: Delhi Daredevils coach Ricky Ponting was quoted as saying, “It’s my job, it’s Gautam’s job, it’s all the player’s job now to make Shreyas’ job as easy as possible on the field. A big part of coaching is to ensure the captain’s got everything he needs, and is well-prepared for the challenge. So, there’s no extra pressure on Shreyas Iyer at all.”


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