IPL 2018: Every time we write off Dhoni, he keeps coming back

There’s something about MS Dhoni and sixes. It always has been as the former India skipper and current Chennai Super Kings leader likes to finish off games with a bang. There have been many instances of late when Dhoni has been questioned over his diminishing ability to finish games, and rightly so, for it has happened far too often in recent times, including one in the current IPL.

Somehow though Dhoni manages to keep coming back after facing pressure. One wonders if he really takes it. Having some second in one of the recent chases, despite being unbeaten on 79, the finger pointing had again started over Dhoni. Against Royal Challengers Bangalore, on Wednesday, it seemed as if another big chase would go awry.

Chasing 200 plus, they were in dire straits and needed close to 13-14 runs per over for the better part of the second half. It looked like an improbable chase, particularly considering Dhoni’s big-hitting ability being on the wane. Yet, somehow Dhoni managed to turn things around, and clinch another improbable victory for India.

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni with wife Sakshi and daughter Ziva
Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni with wife Sakshi and daughter Ziva. Pic Courtesy: @ChennaiIPL/

How does he do it? Well, clearly, all the criticism around his batting doesn’t seem to affect him. If it does, he doesn’t show it. And while it is an obvious fact that Dhoni is no longer the player he used to be, and his cricketing career is on borrowed time, he has this amazing ability to roll back the clock and pull off something special.

For a while, there has been a thought that Dhoni might be a burden India cannot afford to take into the 2019 World Cup. But, barring injury, it is now clear that Dhoni will take his position behind the stumps at the grand event in England. We only hope that he gets a change to finish his India career on a high, another monstrous six would be perfect.


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