IPL 2018: Deadpool says, a day without cricket is like day without me, DULL

This Super Sunday witnessed Deadpool’s leading man – Ryan Reynolds, as he sheds the iconic red leather suit for an interview on Star Sports.

Coincidentally, Deadpool kept making an appearance when Arjun Pandit asked Reynolds a few questions on cricket and the tournament. Ryan Reynolds met him on the sidelines of the promotional tour of Deadpool 2 in Seoul, South Korea in a segment on Kent Cricket Live.

Ryan Reynolds made his debut appearance on Indian Television, in a confluence of the “Deadpool Kind”. With Deadpool 2’s trailer serving as the backdrop, the promo released by Star Sports showcased DP, smashing through the window of a taxi and asking his trusty sidekick Dopinder to step on it because cricket is about to begin.

The Merc-with-a-Mouth brought his own quirky version for his love for cricket in an exciting convergence for cricket and Deadpool fans.

Watch the Teaser below


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